I have a word of advice to those who aspire to be programmers: don’t. Just… don’t. Especially if you’re self taught and if you’re trying to make modifications to someone else’s code – and they keep CHANGING how it works. XC I tried the best I could to get the website looking the way it did before the automatic update (have GOT to find out how to turn that off). Thanks to the changes in how the page-width mechanisms work, I couldn’t put those nice borders on the content areas because then they took up too much space and messed up the format, but the easy-peasy way of altering the format seems to have disappeared from the stylesheet. Therefore I am far more restricted in the kinds of customisations I can do with only an intermediate knowledge of CSS.

Spent about 5 hours fixing bugs and trying to get custom things working and having very, very little success. BUT, everything SHOULD be functional, even if it’s uglier than before.

Also, I removed the latest comic from appearing on the main page. I find that people tend not to scroll down far enough to read the latest news when there’s a comic in the way. BUT the latest comic’s text will appear at the top of the blogroll. So you can click on its title to go to the comic. Handy, yes?

And I will try to have the next Eryl page finished and posted this coming Tuesday (10/27). I also have a Halloween wallpaper I’m working on and hopefully that will go up soon too.