My mum is an interior designer. For decades I rolled my eyes at her elaborate holiday decorations (literally a Christmas tree in every room of the house – including both bathrooms). I sighed in resignation over all of her eccentric design ideas. Me? So long as my room was organised and had plenty of bookshelves, I didn’t give a crap how mismatched my furniture was.


When New Leaf came out, I became obsessed with it. In fact, I am still playing it. And I discovered that I really, really liked collecting furniture and decorating my house.

Still, it didn’t really hit me until a friend of mine across the pond in the UK and I were playing together one day. She walked into my house and exclaimed ‘Whoa! It looks like an interior designer did your house!’

Then I realised, dear God I am my mother after all (in fact my mum also plays New Leaf and was mad that my house looked even better than hers).

So I was understandably excited when Happy Home Designer was announced, since it’s Animal Crossing stripped down to only one thing: interior & exterior design.

About the only impetus for playing this game is sharing your aesthetic sense with others, since there is literally no challenge or point to it otherwise. So in that spirit, I have some QR codes for houses I designed. If you have AC:HHD you can scan those and explore my houses.