I’m changing some things around. Most noticeably, I’ve decided to have the most recently uploaded comic appear on the mainpage. So whichever archive updated last will have its latest comic featured front and centre.

I also added two dropdown menus to the navigation. ‘Select Chapter’ lets you choose which comic or chapter you want to read, and ‘jump to’ allows you to choose from any page in the chapter or comic you’re currently viewing.

I also got around to overhauling the ‘about’ page, which has a new blurb about me, a contact form, a section about each of the comics, and the same FAQ that was there before. I will be adding a bit more to this page soon, mostly shoutouts to those who have helped me with my creative endevours over the years and an image of my e-mail for those who prefer that over the form.

I will also soon add more comics to the links page.