Gah, two and a half months I’ve kept you all waiting for the conclusion of Chapter 4! Now that I’m feeling better, Eryl updates are going to resume on their normal Tuesday schedule.

I am sadly unable to do any finished pages of Ashes. My flatbed scanner fried a few months ago. I’ve been able to scan Eryl sketches on a small portable printer / scanner, but it is too small for the 9×12 bristol I use for Asshes, plus it cannot scan at a high enough quality for finished pencil art. As a nice bonus, there really isn’t any store near me that sells flatbeds. It could be some time before I am able to get one and resume work on Ashes.

But I might… MIGHT be going to do a funny gamer strip soon about Rune Factory 4. :3 I have seriously been neglecting No More Save Points the last few years, even though I have ideas for strips that I’ve had written down for… seven or eight years. If I simplify the art style I use for those, it’s a possiblity it could update weekly. No promises! But I do miss doing funny stuff.