Hey guys, I’m leaving this quick note here to let you all know I’m still here and still schemeing on how to best torture my characters in future pages. The delay is, as usual, health related. Nothing life-threatening, I should think, but I’ve been coughing terribly, running low-grade fevers, having swollen glands and spending most of my time asleep. One suspect is mono, but I really don’t know yet. Calling the doctor tomorrow. I’m not terribly worried as being ill is fairly routine for me (and I’m not trying to garner sympathy by that, it just is what it is), so no one else need worry unless the doctor delivers exceptionally bad news – but I seriously doubt that. But whatever it is, it is delaying updates. In the meantime – until I’ve perked up enough to draw – I am jotting down story ideas and doing some writing for the novel versions of my comics. I’m kind of stuck in the Ashes and Laiyu novels at the moment, so I’m giving Eryl a whirl in prose form.