Okay, the website reconstruction is nearly complete. I just need to overhaul the ‘About’ page and then delete all the content on the sub-sites and have them redirect readers here.

This took a whole lot longer than I thought, and I apologise for the huge gap in updates! I’m getting back on track – I am inking the next Eryl page now. I should have it done before the end of tomorrow as there is very little in the way of background.

Ashes updates will be another month in coming, though. I am going to live with my two best friends, Reby and her husband, Robert, for three weeks. I will NOT have a scanner, so I can work on Ashes, but not scan the pages to finish them. For Eryl I only need to scan rough sketches, so I can either do that with my iPad or just sketch digitally right in Manga Studio. (which I hate doing, but I can do it in a pinch).