Woot, time for the (somewhat) yearly boring rant about where the comics are and what I plan for them going forward!

Ashes has returned to regular weekly updates for the first time in… I don’t even know when. It updates FRIDAYS. I even have a small buffer of two more finished pages, plus 4 more pages rough sketched. I plan to spend Tuesday and Wednesday finishing at least one of them.

So, this WAS supposed to be going on a long hiatus… but I couldn’t stop myself from working on it and updating it. It will now update weekly on TUESDAYS. However, I do NOT have a buffer for this one. Therefore it will update whatever Tuesday I happen to have a finished page ready. So there WILL be weeks without updates.

I’m still working on this, but very slowly. My art inspiration came back with a vengeance, but sadly it seems to have chased away my writing inspiration in the process. I am illustrating pages of the first chapter in between everything else. Which is to say… not often. I only have 8 pages so far- which is about halfway through the chapter- and I’d like to have at least 3 chapters illustrated plus 2-3 more written before releasing this into the wild.

Shivae is written and drawn by my friend, Tiffany Ross, though I have worked with her on it on and off over the years as a colourist. And now I’m doing it again. There are three Shivae! arcs thus far- Vas, Cler, and Caiden & Koel. Previously I only worked on Vas, but now I am colouring Caiden & Koel. Vas is nearly over with only two chapters remaining. Once over, Caiden & Koel will begin. Right now we’re working on getting a buffer going.

Easily Amused & Epic Fail
I do plan to pick these up again somewhere down the line. I just can’t think up funny jokes at the moment. I think once my life is more normal, the humour will come back. Epic Fail is going to be renamed when it returns. I know the title is funny and catchy, but when I named it, the phrase was not very common yet. Now it has become exhaustingly overused, plus I know at least one other webcomic has cropped up with the same name. Its new title will be ‘No More Save Points.’ Not quite as short and fun, I know, but that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes.