I had to get out of the house rather abruptly last week, and ended up staying with my two best friends, Reby and her husband, Robert, for a week. While I stayed with them, I got a sudden flood of inspiration for working on Ashes. In less than a week, I did the fully shaded pencils for four pages, which for me anymore is a lot. I am back home now and once more have scanner access, so I will be scanning those pages and running them through photoshop for cleanup and lettering very soon. I will resume updates once a week, but my ultimate goal is to build a big enough buffer to bump updates to twice weekly. Sadly, Eryl IS going on a long hiatus. It has become too demanding for my stress levels at the moment. I’m finding Ashes more fun and relaxing right now.

OH YES, and I replaced all the chapter covers with greyscale versions. Not only do I like the grey better, but it will make it look better when this is eventually printed. And there’s better consistency now. It always bugged me that the whole comic is in black and white and then covers were coloured. To me it felt jarring. The cover and prologue will remain in colour. I will put the old versions of the covers in the gallery (eventually) so you guys can still view them in their full RGB glory.