Hey, everyone. I’m overhauling Ashes’ site today and installing many (way) overdue updates. Be forewarned, the archives will disappear for a few hours. This is because Comicpress now integrates Comic Easel, and the archives must be migrated to a new type of post.

EDIT 12:26PM – Okay, archives are migrated and the bulk of the work is done, I just need to tweak a few things. After I take a break. *exhausted*

EDIT 4:48PM – Ashes’ site is finished. I added more info to both the world and about pages. I also added a new feature to the links page, where I placed recommended reading based on Ashes’ subject matter. All that’s left is to add a few features via Jetpack, but the theme is DONE and everything is up to date! *collapses*