Once more I must apologise for the dearth of updates.  The biggest reason apart from rhe usual  RL situations is that comics are no longer a fun hobby anymore.  It’s become a stressful hobby that feels like work.  I used to draw comics just for fun, and just for me. I thought I could recapture that with Laiyu as an illustrated novel with less art involved, but I quickly became obsessed with its perfection early on in development (I’m still going to do that story, but it’s going to be delayed; it probably won’t begin until ’16-’17).

So what can I do to recapture the fun?  Well, I think the main reason that caused me to lose the fun to begin with was that I started to believe my work was good enough to publish.  And that made me obsess over perfection, which only caused unnecessary stress.

So I believe that in order to find that spark of inspiration and enjoyment, I need to step away and do something that I will not- cannot– publish.  So I’m going to do a short graphic novel on my iPad.  The art & comic apps I use (Procreate & Strip Design) are incapable of saving work at high enough resolutions for print (eapecially Strip Design, but other comic apps capable of high res don’t have as many features).  Since I can’t publish it, I don’t have to worry about getting it ‘just right.’  Plus the less accurate nature of drawing on an iPad will force me to stay loose plus shrug off certain mistakes.

This will be just for fun, just for me.  Oh, I’ll still post it, but don’t expect my best. 😀

SO what will this comic be about?  Well, it’s loosely inspired by one of my favourite video game franchises: Harvest Moon.  It’s about a 16 year-old city girl named Chloe who moves to her aunt’s farm for the summer.  A light-hearted slice-of-life with some teenage drama thrown in.  I’d like to name it ‘Rabbit Farm’ in Latin, but I’m not sure whether that would be Lepus Firmam, Ager Lepus, or Cuniculus Rus.  So, anyone out there who knows Latin, I need a bit of help.  I only know un peu de Français; I have no Latin.