Hey all my fellow pokénerds, I’m currently trying to breed a 5-6IV shiny feebas.  No luck yet on the shiny front, but after 300+ eggs, I have 9 feebas with 6IVs.  All of them are Bold, most are Oblivious (though a couple has Swift Swim) and they have the moves Haze, Captivate, Dragon Pulse, and Hypnosis.  If interested in trading for one, please comment below!

Some minor rules:

– I cannot give you a rainbow scale to evolve this feebas, however if you have your own, I am more than willing to have you trade your feebas back to me to evolve it into Milotic, then back to you.

-These feebas come from about 20+ hours of effort, so please trade me something good in return.  I like legendaries and shinies, but will consider other pokémon (especially those with good hidden abilities).

-Once we set up a time to trade, please honour your appointment.  I understand that emergencies come up, but please let me know ahead of time if you cannot make it.

-I have chat disabled on my game, but if you want to talk while we trade, we can text message over Skype or AIM.

-These are first come, first serve.  The first people will their pick of gender and/or ability.