So… no Eryl updates for a month, huh? I’m feeling very much mired on the next page. It’s partially completed, but I’ve just got a block on it. But that doesn’t mean I’m sitting by idly! For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to redraw all of the beginning of this comic, up until the point where I came off of the three-year hiatus and the art style made a dramatic shift.

Therefore, over the next months/ years I will be slowly redrawing the prologue and first chapter in-between working on current pages. I will be skipping around doing my favourite and/or easiest scenes first. Some of the dialogue and narration will change, but there will not be any dramatic scene rewrites like in Raven’s chapter. No complaints, please! What I post online is a continuos work-in-progress, and when I’m not happy with part of my work, I like to fix it.

I have already redrawn the first page of the prologue, and it has replaced the original first page in the archives. The original first page is now in the ‘old pages’ section of the gallery.

Until I get unstuck on page 04-17, I will be redrawing the ‘wolves among sheep’ scene from the first chapter and will replace the original in the archives once those eight pages are done.