Heya, everyone! Those of you who have been around for at least a couple years may know that I sometimes work with Tiffany Ross, usually as a colourist for her comic, Shivae! Vas. Well, as a thank you for helping her over the years, she gave me a cameo featuring Ka the wyvern in Shivae! You can read Shivae here! Ka’s cameo begins here in the archives.

If you’re wondering why Ka has scars not seen in his apearance in Eryl’s prologue, I won’t tell you. I’ll leave you wondering if it’s because he survived the explosion, or if I felt that he would just look more badass in Shivae if he had some maiming. Which is it?? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.

I am planning to get back to working on Eryl soon. I also have the rough sketch done of the next Ashes page. Buuuut right now I’m ill and feverish again. I went a whole THREE WEEKS without getting sick and thought I had those viruses licked. :C

In nerdy news, I got a PS Vita! If you want to add me as a friend, just comment here. I’ve mostly been playing Ecolibrium and Tearaway, but have sampled other awesomesauce games like Little King’s Story, LittleBIG Planet, and FFX HD. After being all Nintendo for my entire gaming life, I am blown away by the graphical quality of the Vita. However, the library’s quite small and mostly male-oriented. While I do enjoy a good action game, I’d rather not have oversized breasts hanging out all over. And the rear touch pad- while a neat concept- is annoying. I’m always touching it while I hold my Vita, meaning that in games like Tearaway that use it a lot, I’m constantly triggering things I didn’t mean to. It just feels cramped to hold the Vita without touching it.