All right, for anyone who actually checks this page still, I know updates have been more than sluggish and dropped to nonexistent. Mostly this was because I was working on this story as a novel, leaving little energy for it as a comic. I read through the 6 1/2 chapters I’d written last night… and was not impressed with myself. I think it has a lot of raw potential, but it was definitely not professional grade. I think I’m going to put away writing for a while until I have the health to take some college writing courses. For now, I’m going to concentrate on the comic versions of my stories. I’m much better at comic scripting at this point, so I’m going to try to update both Eryl and Ashes soon, or at the end of Chapter IV of Eryl, I will take a break and do a couple chapters of this. I still owe Daemonschile’s full cameo, which will appear with the next page!