I had planned on having some villain sketches for you guys as my next preview, but before I get any further in this project, I’ve realised I’m faced with a big decision because of a big problem. The problem being that this story is not translating well to prose. I’m finding myself mired early on in the writing process because I’m having trouble making it feel believable. A more talented writer than myself would be able to make it work, but I’m not sure I can. I love the concept of an illustrated novel set into comic-like pages, and I chose this way of telling a story because it would be less work than a comic. But I’m not liking how the prose is turning out at all. The Ashes novel is actually going quite well; I think that story works well in both comic and prose form if each is approached in the right way. But this story feels awkward. And I feel I am still too inexperienced a writer to fix it.

So here’s the dilemma: Continue to power through writing it out in prose and accept that many amateur online novels have rough beginnings and hope that it will improve over time OR convert the project into a comic with a simpler art style- possibly black and white manga style or in simple colour. I know I am more experienced with comic scripting and am confident I can do it. But it will mean a lot more time-consuming work, which means less time spent on Eryl or any of the other comics that I already fail at updating with any semblance of frequency.

It’s a big choice to make, and I’d like some of you guys’ thoughts. Would you be willing to power through a less-than-stellar prose beginning, or would you like a comic that I’m not at all sure would update very much? I really want to work on this, and it’s a much shorter story than either Eryl or Ashes.

This story is begging to come out, and I need to make a decision.