Being the immensely wise, sensible person that I am, when I wanted to update the look of this site, I upgraded to the latest version of Comicpress so that everything would be up-to-date, compatible, and continue to run smoothly. I mean, that’s the wise, sensible thing right?


Well, I’m in over my head, and while I’ve managed the bulk of the customisations and migration of archives, there are still some major kinks to work out. The most prominent being that weird notice on archive pages that there are no widgets in the left sidebar. I have no idea what’s causing that or how to fix it, so I’ll have to post in some help forums once I’m a little more awake (it currently being 5:00AM and I’ve been working on the site since midnight). Fixed thanks to help from Philip Hofer (the comicpress creator)! Thank you so much, Phil!

If you guys spot anymore bugs, PLEASE let me know in the comments, or e-mail me (contact info is on the ‘about’ page).