*Cue screams of despair*

Jeez, I feel like a horrible jerk announcing this the day after saying comic updates are uncertain. Way to confirm everyone's fears, Lee.

Dropping Epic Fail was inevitable for me, though. I only draw a strip once or twice a year, and it felt like just one more pressure I didn't need. I'm already attempting to update two story comics plus work on my novels AND have a half-comic half-novel project called Laiyu that I want to work on as well. That's a heck of a lot of self-created stress. Having a humour strip was just one more burr digging into my brain screaming 'Why aren't you working on me?!'

Oh yeah, and I hate fanfiction. Even though I always considered Epic Fail to be farce, not fiction, it doesn't change the fact that I am using characters that don't belong to me. I am becoming increasingly upset by how much attention fanart and fiction get on the 'net compared to original endevours. It's not fair that people who steal ideas and characters from someone else should be praised for their work while those who strive hard to do well with their own unique ideas that they put so much energy into coming up with should drown in obscurity. Fanfiction is theft. Nothing more. Unless you have direct permission from the creator to use their ideas, you are stealing. I am also against selling fanart, as oh so many artists do, because that it theft as well. I already pulled all my fanart off of deviantart because I didn't like that they were wildly popular while my original work went ignored. I did fanart just for me, just for fun, but wanted my originality to be the focal point. It wasn't, so I got rid of the offending fanart.

Fortunately, on my website, readers have come in for my original work and not for Epic Fail. Still, I cannot help but feel hypocritical by having a farce comic out there when I so oppose the idea of fanfiction. I don't see the two as the same thing, but many people do.

So farewell, Epic Fail. We knew thee well.