I'm back from my trip to Chicago. We were delayed by both weather and bad colds and so ended up staying 3 extra days. We finally got back on Wednesday and I'm still wiped from the trip. I'd like to say this means Eryl will update in a few days but…. Well, problem is, I'm finding it hard to get any artistic inspiration of late. It comes in bursts which then dwindle for weeks or months before suddenly coming back. I'm trying hard to draw, but I find it almost impossible without that flaming passion I used to always have. I don't know where it went. I don't want to keep moaning that it's depression, because then I just sound angsty, but I am aggressively pursuing treatments for that monster. I'll be starting to take a happy pill soon, and I really hope that will help since I am possibly suffering a chemical imbalance as well as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In good news, I have had an increase in my writing inspiration. I have been writing more and am working at being more productive on that front since I feel I have a much greater chance of publishing a book over a comic. Not to mention the fact that it's so much faster to write an epic saga than to draw it.

So now I'm going to come out and finally reveal what the 'secret project' I keep teasing about is. It's a novelised version of Ashes. It's been both fun and frustrating translating a comic into a novel. The two mediums are so different in mechanics that I've needed to change, rearrange and expand on many parts of the story. But so far, it's been going pretty damn well. Sure, I get blocks on scenes often. I have to erase my preconceptions for my own story. I have to forget what it conveyed visually and try to think of how to explain it in words instead. And its been a very satisfying challenge to tackle. And the best part? It's already about 1/3 written, and is way ahead of the comic. If I can get serious about it, I may finish it this year and start looking for an editor to help me polish it.

If this turns out, though, it does means the future of Ashes the graphic novel is shaky at best. I'm not positive I want to keep drawing it if I can write it instead. I don't know yet, though. It really all depends on how this project goes, so don't panic, my comic friends. But right now, writing is making me happier than drawing. And when you suffer from chronic depression, you need to focus on the things that make you feel a little better about your life.