I’m writing this to let you all know that the next comics are in the works! I got an awesome new scanner/printer for Christmas. I had almost forgotten how much easier and more fluid it is for me to sketch traditionally. Part of the reason for the mini-hiatus on Eryl was that I was having great difficulty trying to sketch the next page on the computer. But now I have 2 Eryl pages sketched, scanned, and partially inked. Only 2 more after these until Chapter 4! It’s taken me just under a year to draw The Shrike, and I’m super excited to finally be on the home stretch. This was the most difficult comic chapter I’ve ever drawn because of all the action, but it sure has taught me a lot. I still feel that many of my poses and angles feel wooden, but I can only improve from here on out.

In addition, I also have 2 new pages of Ashes. They are all shaded and scanned, so they just need cleanup, filters, and lettering. The digital end of Ashes is a speedy process, as the bulk of the work is done traditionally. I plan to have them finished and up soon to tide you all over until Eryl is ready to update again.

There may be a small hiccup in getting Eryl back quickly, though. As you all know my health has been very bad for the last decade or so, and while I had surgeries over two years ago that fixed the deadliest problems with my spine, there have been many setbacks in my long, slow recovery. However, I recently seem to have turned a corner and will be starting physical therapy tomorrow. While the sessions will be very short and low-impact (mainly because I have the range of movement and energy of an old granny), I don’t know how much this will tire me. I may be able to go and come back home and draw all the rest of the day, or I may be too exhausted to do much and have to take things a little slower. I just want to warn you all, and updates may be cut back to once a week again until my energy levels increase. I PLAN to have Ashes update twice next week and Eryl to return the week after. But we’ll see how it goes.