Well, I do most of my writing on my iPad now using the Pages app so I can easily sync it with Pages on my macbook. With iOS 7 out, the Pages app updated and told me I needed to update Pages on my macbook if I was to continue swapping files between them. Well, okay, then I found I need to upgrade to OSX Maverick to update the application on my desktop. Half a day later, Maverick finally installed. All was well until I scanned an illustration for my new novel project… and the file wouldn’t save because the driver didn’t work right on Maverick. I have had this HP Scanjet for about 7 or 8 years and it used to give me grief but has worked perfectly since I got a new macbook and installed the Lion-compatible driver. Evidently that driver is not good for Maverick and I’m crossing my fingers that HP will release a new driver for my model soon and not drop support for it. It’s an ageing scanner, but still works great and I’ve no desire to have to replace it. I can still write and sketch… I just can’t do the computer end of the art process so I won’t have anything to show online until this all gets sorted. :/ And unfortunately I am crap at sketching digitally, so that’s not really a viable option.