Okay, GEEK OUT TIME for Pokémon Y. It is a pretty impressive game (though I still much prefer Black and White). I thought Mega Evolution was pretty cheesy and tacked on, but that’s just my own opinion. Other than that, I found it very good. I was pleased to see the return of in-game berry fields and loved the trade-anywhere features (I also think I might be addicted to wonder trades). I’m not so good at battling (as in, suck so bad it’s hilarious for my opponents), so I was releived at how easy it is to level up your pokémon (srsly, I was lvl 80 by the time I finished and the Champion was a pushover), especially with the new Exp. Share mechanic.

I was KINDA pleased to see the pokéradar come back. I’d never used it before because I hated D/P/Pt, but I knew it was a method for obtaining shiny pokémon. I’ve been using it the past few days without much luck (highest chain after hours and hours of using it was 16. Blech). And I was using it again a short while ago, getting a chain of about 10 duckletts (now that’s a high chain for me, usually I don’t get past 4 or 5) and WHOA a croagunk jumps out and breaks my chain. But as you’ll see below, I was thrilled about it.


This is mostly (okay, completely) because I need more friends for the friend safari. You don’t actually need to play Pokémon X or Y for it to work. Every friend code registered on my 3DS will show up in my friend safari so I can find rare ‘mon. So if you have a 3DS and feel like swappin’ codes, please comment below! My own code is: 1977-0484-7209