Time for my bi-annual comic status rant. As you all know, my life has been pretty rough the last 5 years. I’ve had about a lifetime’s worth of problems piled on me all at once and I’m now struggling with severe depression. This is all old news to you guys, though, and I’m sorry that the comics have suffered so much since this all started. These comics are my passion and I’m more frustrated than anyone that there’s been so little progress. All that being said, I’ll now outline the current status and future plans for each active project (EA is no longer on this list as it has been finished for quite some time).

Children of Shadow: Ashes
Even though this has barely updated since the redux began (I’m only 60 pages into it in 4 years! Augh!) and I’ve been favouring Eryl, this comic remains my favourite and I still feel it’s my best story. Sadly, we haven’t seen enough of the new version to get to the ‘good parts.’ In fact, it’s barely even started. I’m guessing that the redone version will run around 20 chapters per volume (there will be 3 volumes + some side stories). Though it’s on break/ updating very sporadically because full-pencil pages are harder (if faster) for me to do than digital, I would LOVE to get back into a regular schedule again. In college when my health was shaky, but better than it is now (and my emotional health was pretty good) I was able to update it 3 times a week (on top of Easily Amused AND friends AND most importantly, STUDYING) and I dream of the day that I can keep that kind of schedule again. I want to at least get it up to twice weekly one of these months. But first I need to get it up to once weekly. That is a goal of mine, and I’m going to try and work on this comic more, though it may mean dropping Eryl for a while.

Dark Wings: Eryl
Well, I only just had to put this one on hiatus for a while. I hate doing it right in the middle of a fight scene, but Real Life likes to bite me in the ass with frequent regularity just when I think things are going hunky-dory. I’d like to say it’s going to be back soon, but honestly I don’t know. I’d really love to get some more Ashes in so this hiatus may end up lasting longer than either I or you guys would care for. If I could update both at once I wouldn’t hesitate to do so, but I can’t. I’ll keep you all posted about updates, so keep checking back.

Epic Fail
I haven’t forgotten about this one, I swear. As much as I love making fun of video games, I’m generally very reluctant to use characters that aren’t my own. I’m a stout despiser of fan-fiction, and though I view this kind of comic as satire and not fiction, I can’t help but feel kind of hypocritical when I do a strip. So it will continue to update every blue moon, when I’m able to overcome my hatred of using something that is not my own. 😛

Future projects…?
I do seem to have a over-abundance of ideas and not enough lifetime or energy to do them all. I actually have ideas for 5 more comics that I want to do… but since Eryl and Ashes and still at the beginning, I can’t see having time for them in the near future. They are all 5 MUCH shorter that Eryl or Ashes. One would be a series of short stories featuring different wild animals called ‘The Tales Once Lost.’ One is a very short story (10 pages or less) called ‘Reflections of Paradise.’ Another is a shortish (about 40-50 pages) story named ‘What You Wish For,’ and the remaining two have yet to be named. One is a fantasy love story set in the 1800s that is based off a dream I once had. The final story I just came up with a few days ago and is a slice-of-life inspired by Harvest Moon, but is an original story with characters/ settings/ plot lines of my own invention. Someday I’d also like to do a side-story featuring the past of a few Children of Shadow characters. But seeing as few of these characters have even appeared in the main comic yet, I’ll likely not do it until Vol. 2 is finished.