This morning I got some new fanart in my e-mail from Sporkitude! Thank you so much; it’s been years since I got any reader art and I’m super happy!


She mentioned in her e-mail about not noticing Arra’s strange feet until she had to draw them, so I thought I’d share a little about Great Dragon anatomy: their two middle toes have large, blunt claws used for walking, while the outer two toes have long, razor sharp claws for killing. These killing claws are kept lifted off the ground while walking or sitting so they won’t grow dull, though for comfort’s sake, are extended while laying down. They will sharpen their claws much like cats, by scratching on large trees.

And if you’re wondering why in the prologue neither Arra nor Strake have these funky feet- it’s my own fault for deciding on this design AFTER I had drawn the prologue. So there’s really no excuse for the inconsistency other than I often change my mind about things partway through a project. 😛