As the title says, things are kind of chaotic right now. Tomorrow we get the cover for the next chapter of Ashes, but the chapter itself will not start updating. Then we begin Chapter 4 of Eryl, which I managed to build a 5 page buffer for (that includes the cover). I paid for some ad space on TWC that will go live when Eryl resumes on February 5th. But I’m feeling a little uneasy because that 5 page buffer feels awfully small, and in all likelihood, updates are going to end up sporadic unless I can somehow pull myself together. I’m currently experiencing some pretty bad post-traumatic stress and it’s making me a complete mess. Yes, I’m getting help, but it’s not something that can be fixed overnight. I’ve been going through fits where I can draw pages almost non-stop, then suddenly go into a slump for months without feeling any inspiration whatever.

Because of this, I am actually working on something positive on the side. It is a creative project that doesn’t involve visual art, so I’m hoping I won’t be going in and out of big slumps like I do with the comics. Why am I telling you all this? Because the more I work on this project, the more fond of it I am becoming. It may even begin to interfere with the already chaotic comic schedules. But this is something I NEED right now. I need to work on something that makes me feel accomplished and satisfied without worrying about deadlines or reader feedback. It is something I’ll probably never post online (except for possible sneak peeks once it’s finished). This is my pet project, my therapy, my happy place. And if comic updates drop off and become scattered for a time, I’m deeply sorry, but right now I need to focus on my emotional health more than my online ‘career.’

That being said, the one comic that shouldn’t see much interruption is Shivae. It’s the fastest and easiest for me to do and will force me to keep drawing at least a little, which is good.