So… I’ve got this scheme I’m hatching. Some people may be unhappy about it, but meh, I’m doing it anyway. See, I’m nearly done drawing Chapter 3. I have about 2 1/2 pages left and I’m hoping to get it done this week (Chapter 3 will conclude online on December 4th, btw). I was going to update Chapter 4 twice a week, and that’s when the evil plan hatched in my head. I am currently mortified by Chapter 2: Black Feathers. I drew the first pages way back in high school (and that was longer ago than I care to think of). then drew some while in college, then drew some while I was too ill to see straight. And the result is… a mess. An inconsistent, embarrassing mess. The art, the writing, it’s all over the place. I want… no, I need to redo it. So while Chapter 4 is updating, I will also be working on reduxing Chapter 2. I will try to draw a page of each every week. So while I will be doing 2 pages, you guys will only see one, the Chapter 4 page. If I can balance it right, I will be able to finish both around the same time. Ideally, I will then start updating the reduxed pages at a pretty good clip. At least 3 pages a week so that we aren’t spending months and months only seeing rehashed material. I’m also going to be reordering the archives at that time. What is currently updating as Chapter 3 will become Chapter 2, 4 will become 3, and the redux of 2 will come after both, as 4. And if you followed all that, you’re awesome.

And to show you all I’m serious about this masochism, here’s a close up preview of page 1 of the redux.