Well, about once a year, give or take, I like to let my readers know exactly where the comics stand and what my plans for them are. These blogs also help me organise my own thoughts about what’s going on and what’s coming up. So here it is:


I keep wanting to update this regularly, but things keep getting in the way. I’m super excited to draw the upcoming pages, but I know that Eryl is my more popular comic (even though in my opinion, Ashes is the better one) and also the quicker one to draw, so it’s the easiest to build a buffer for and update on schedule. So for now Ashes is going to have to update sporadically when I can squeeze it in. I’m thinking that once either Chapter 3 or 4 of Eryl is completed I will be switching back to Ashes for quite a while and focusing on getting that archive to grow more.


Well, I’ve actually managed to keep this updating regularly for a few months while still having a cushy buffer. This is quite a feat for me, so I’m happy that I’ve finally got a comic running smoothly, especially since I had lost my inspiration for it for so long. I had planned on updating it twice weekly come 2013, but I’m not positive that’s going to be possible since I’ve picked up colouring duties on Shivae recently. I know I have some disgruntled readers who would rather see my own comics updating than someone else’s, but I have my reasons for working on it. We are finally reaching the home stretch on Arc 1 of Eryl, which will be concluded at the end of Chapter 4 (which is, unfortunately, a very long chapter, so it will take quite a while to draw). Once Arc 1 is finished I have the itch to go back and fix up Chapter 2. It’s really an awful mess at the moment, but I haven’t entirely decided yet whether or not I want to redux it. I’d really love to start looking at publishing at that point, even though I’m pretty sure Eryl’s not good enough. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Epic Fail

Hmmm, I kinda keep forgetting about this one. I never had plans to make it an updating comic to begin with. It’s just my dumping ground for fan comics whenever I get the mad urge to do one. I WISH I had the time to do more, but I always find myself preferring to work on my original stuff. It kinda irks me when my fanart becomes popular and my original things go unnoticed, so I generally try not to bring any more attention to this one than necessary. I’ve also got the urge to change the title to ‘No More Save Points’ because since I started it, Epic Fail has become an overused expression and several other comics have popped up with the same name. I haven’t really decided on that yet, though.