Hey all! If you’re not a frequenter of the mainpage you are probably in the dark as far as updates. I switched updates here to ‘sporadic’ due to a large workload a few weeks ago and the next page is being delayed a while. Sorry! I blame pokémon this time. It’s been eating up all my free time. 😛 I’m going to TRY to get a new page up NEXT week (between 9/9 and 9/15) but I can’t promise anything right now. Shivae has started again so I have to do that on top of Eryl. I’m thinking though that when Eryl Chapter 3 is finished (I have 5 pages left of it to draw) I’ll be focusing on Ashes for a while so updates will become more frequent and regular! I’m really eager to draw the upcoming scenes in this comic, so I don’t want to delay updates more than necessary. I’m just as excited for new pages as you guys!