Most people play video games to take a break from the frustrations of life. However, fast-paced and difficult games can be anything but a relaxing experience. Fortunately there are a wealth of ‘casual games’ out there for those of us who want to chill out instead of getting writer’s cramp from gripping our styluses so hard. And those who are also artistic or even just a little creative, can look no further for a soothing experience than Infinite Dream’s DSiWare download, Let’s Create! Pottery.

Let’s Create! Pottery is about exactly what you think it is. It’s a pottery making simulation. You are given a wheel and a cylinder of clay and must use the DSi stylus to shape it. Once you are happy with it it can be fired and painted and decorations added. When you’re pleased with the final result, you can fire your glaze and then either save your piece in a gallery or auction it off to earn coins to buy more colours, patterns, and clays from the shop. Initially you will get commissions from in-game characters where you must match your piece to the provided photograph as exactly as possible. Don’t expect to be able to get the full 10 stars for every piece, though. The game’s controls are finicky enough to make getting full marks on everything pretty much impossible.

The commission section of the game is also incredibly short. You get to fashion about a dozen pots for others before it’s over, leaving you with no more goals to work towards. All that’s left is the zen experience of making pots. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it gets dull fast.

In all, Let’s Create! Pottery is a nice game while the appeal lasts. Unfortunately that is a fairly short span of time unless you just really like making virtual pottery for no other reason than for the enjoyment of it. The beautiful graphics and soothing forest sounds make for an excellent relaxing game, but for $5, the amount of content is seriously lacking.