Hey guys, even though I manage all of Flowerlark Studios by my lonesome, I’m actually pretty sucky when it comes to webcode. I noticed that A- the mp3 player on the sidebar does not display correctly on a windows and B- it has suddenly stopped working. The song isn’t loading for me and I attempted to install another mp3 player, but with the same result. I know that my host is currently upgrading my server, so that could very well be the problem, but I’d like to know of anyone else can or can’t load the song, and to please let me know. If no-one can load it, then I figure it’s my host going through the upgrade process and hopefully in a few days it’ll start working again. If some people can, then I need to start pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the hell went wrong and how to fix it when I know only HTML and rudimentary CSS. -_-*

Edit- Had to replace the pretty player with a less pretty but much more functional one. Problem was the old player just wasn’t loading the song properly, but it seems to be working now.