Since everyone’s not likely to be mousing over the comic links every day to see if there’s a new page, I thought I’d make an announcement that there is a new update for Epic Fail. Not only that, but I have another in the works, which will hopefully be followed by at least two more in short succession.

Ashes will continue to update every Tuesday until at least the end of the chapter, though I plan on heading right into Chapter 3 without any interruptions.

As for Eryl, I’m still on the fence over whether to continue it or not. I’m trying to get in touch with one of the people who had a cameo so if you’re reading this, Stormdancer, please contact me! I think Eryl was a good story and had enormous potential, but I just don’t feel inspired about it anymore. I’m trying hard to get that inspiration back, but I’ve the feeling I’ve outgrown the typical dragons-castles-elves fantasy plot. However, I’m still not ruling out its possible return.