Hey, all with my health improving *fingers crossed it stays that way* it’s time to start thinking about bringing some of these comics off hiatus! As you’ve seen, Epic Fail is already back with its shiny new website. But how do all the other comics stand? Well, let’s find out!


I am most eager to get this one off of hiatus. I have already started sketching and have 5 finished pages and 3 roughly sketched pages of chapter 2. I am aiming to start updates again in early 2012, as this will give me time to build a buffer.

Epic Fail

EF was updating every couple days last week, but updates are being cut back to once a week. I’m going to try to have a new page every Friday, but balancing EF work and Ashes work will be difficult, so some updates will be missed (including this Friday because Halloween preparations took up a lot of time).

Easily Amused

I still consider this project pretty much finished, though I may be adding a strip here and there in the future. Don’t really expect updates for it, though.

Dark Wings: Eryl

I also want to bring this one off of hiatus in 2012, though it’ll likely be later in the year as Ashes takes precedence over this project. I have the last three pages of chapter 2 drawn but only about a third coloured. I’ve just been lacking the drive to finish and upload them. Chapter 3-4 scripts need rewriting. Chapter 4 marks the end of the first book. The second book will take some doing, as I’m not liking how I’m telling it right now. It’s part of the reason I’ve felt so lackluster about the whole Eryl project since it went on hiatus some years ago. I need to rethink how the story is being told- which is not a particularly easy task.

Also, I dug this up today- an old painting from 2007 of Rava that I thought I’d lost. I don’t want to put it in the gallery as it does not reflect my current abilities, so I’m putting it here instead.