I am happy to announce that Project Comic Reboot is underway! I sneakily and secretly redid the Epic Fail website over the last 2 days. It now runs comicpress and looks VERY spiffy. Not only that, there is a brand-new comic up! Yay! So drop by the new site and leave a comment and vote in the poll!

You may have noticed that when you mouse over the Epic Fail link on the left that it says the latest page is #14. ‘What?’ you cry, ‘But the last page was #17!’ Well I’ve overhauled the archives and removed all clay doodles, putting them in a separate page, which brings down the comic count by 4. You’ll also notice that the last new comic, ‘The Pidgeys and the Beedrills’ is not yet in the archive. It will be added after one more Harvest Moon comic goes up. I want those grouped together because they’re some of the few sequential comics in the archive.

PS: I now have photoshop and an ftp client, so the angst is over. :3