This is the first real art I’ve been able to do in over a year. :3 ‘Course this is just a WIP, but still, I’m so excited that my health has finally improved enough for me to draw!

This is also my first project on my new mac powerbook. My old G4 died some weeks ago. Unfortunately it wasn’t until after I bought the $2.5K OSX Lion that I found out that my photoshop disks were too old to be supported by the new computer. D: So this is being done all on Manga Studio- a program I am not yet particularly familiar with. This is also my first time attempting colour on it. It’ll likely take a very long time to shade, but hopefully I’ll have the finished product up in time for Halloween.

Photoshop… I miss you…. *tears*

Fawna and Flowerlark are having fun with a jack-o-latern- only it seems Flowerlark has gotten herself in trouble yet again.

EDIT: The finished piece is now in the gallery.