Hey all (if any of you are left), it seems that the hiatus for the comics is going to last a while longer. It’s been nearly 4 months since surgery and I’m still incapacitated. I had hoped to get the comics updating months ago and I am extremely frustrated. The problem? A new medication that I’m taking that was supposed to help with something that was triggering the spinal headaches. Well, the cure is worse than the ailment. I have been EXTREMELY dizzy for 3 months now. And it’s not a medication I can just stop. In fact, it won’t wear off ’til late September. I found that anti-biotics for some weird reason help the dizziness, but my doctor is understandably reluctant to put me on them for so long in case I build a tolerance to them, making them ineffective against any infections I might get. Sooooo, as you can imagine I am feeling very frustrated and angry. I want more than anything to work on the comics and my sculpture, but it’s just not happening. Rest assured they WILL eventually return; I want them to update more than anyone.