Believe it or not, but this spring marks the 10th anniversary of the Fawna’s Quest/ Ashes story. I came up with it in high school when I was 14. The old old original was done all by hand in coloured pencil in a ‘Sunday comic’ format. Though it had a continuous storyline, each chapter was its own little arc with a punchline in every strip. I actually managed to dig up one of the old chapters I scanned years ago (chapter 12, I believe). It’s one of the more bizarre arcs, covering the vindictive vixen Narcissus (yeah… her name is spelled wrong in the comic :P) as she seeks out her sister Kayla in order to exact revenge on her. As you can see, it’s completely awful. XD This old version was simply a silly story about Fawna, Flowerlark, and Russell seeking to prevent their forest from being destroyed by construction workers and all the inane adventures they had along the way. There was no solid plot, no daemons (no humans at all, actually), and no point to it other than I was having tonnes of fun working on it. The second incarnation of the story is more familiar, and started in 2006 in a graphic novel format. We see the villains appear, the daemons, the two worlds, and an actual plot. However, it was still quite awful. It got better as it went along until it was actually pretty good both art and writing wise in 2009, but the beginning was so poorly done that I felt compelled to redo it. At that point I had organised the story better and formed a much more solid and complex plot. Therefore, the entire thing needed to be redone in order to reflect both my current skill and the new plot. It was retitled ‘Ashes,’ as ‘Fawna’s Quest’ really didn’t fit the story anymore. This third (and hopefully final) incarnation is the one that’s updating now.