Another November creeps up upon me and it is time once more for National Novel Writing Month. And again, I’m obliged to sit out. However, I do not intend to be idle this November. I would like to do at least a little writing, and I think that I will set the modest goal of rewriting the prologue and first chapter of the novel version of Ashes. I’m horrendously guilty of something known as ‘purple prose.’ Which means there’s a ridiculous amount of irrelevant verbiage. So I’m trimming away all the flowery debris and attempting a much simpler, faster-paced, and readable style. Soff gave me a very good critique of the two chapters and helped me spot the major problems. If I am pleased enough with the rewrites I may start posting the prose along with the comic. But knowing what an insufferable perfectionist I am, it’s unlikely. :/

Also, I cleaned up my links page, removing all the link exchanges whose websites have disappeared or who have removed their links to me.