Some of you might remember I did a blog a while back where I experimented with taking DS screenshots with a camera… with varying degrees of success. Well, I’ve unlocked the secret to taking pretty clear screenshots with a digital camera. They don’t look professional, but they’re not bad for home-grown. As I mentioned in my previous blog, cables that allow you to take professional screenshots for a DS are not available to the general public, so we’ll have to make do without. First, grab your digital camera and set up your DS. Make sure it lies still. Taking screens of moving objects won’t turn out all that well, so get your game to a pretty still screen that you want a picture of. You might want to set up your DS so it’s standing up, then use a tripod to steady your camera across from it. If you don’t have a tripod, just try to hold as still as possible as you snap the photo or it’ll be all blurry. Now, a dark room is preferable, and you might want to use a low light setting on your DS or it’ll be washed out. Now set your camera to ‘super macro.’ Get your camera as close as possible to the DS screen- about until the screen fills the viewer of your camera. NOTE- this setup may vary from camera to camera. You’re going to have to experiment a little and find what works best for you. Now, if you’ve done it right, it’ll look a bit like this:

Don’t worry, that weird Escher bubble will go away once you load it on your computer and shrink it down. It’ll look kinda wall-eyed, but overall, it’s pretty clear. Now go have fun, my fellow geeks!