So it’s finally begun! The long awaited Fawna’s Quest redux! I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing and drawing it!

So, to all you new faces, what’s this comic about? Well, I suppose it would be classified as a fantasy, though it certainly isn’t your typical dragons-wizards-castles kind of fantasy. It begins in a forest in modern day England, though the adventure will carry the heroes both across continents and worlds.

A young vixen named Fawna lost her memories when she was shot by a hunter, and has been terrified of humans ever since. However, she and her friends are about to be plunged into a dark journey to find one- a very special human named Arivan who is the only one who can restore light and peace to the dying world. She must battle soul-stealing Ombra, humans, nature, and even those who claim to be her allies. A fierce war between light and darkness is being fought- and both sides are after her! Who is her friend and who is her foe? What does all this have to do with a little red fox?