Mood: Pleased
Playing: Pokémon HeartGold
Reading: The Sword in the Stone (T. H. White)

Edit 08-15-10: I upgraded the look of the website a bit. The dark blue was getting too dreary, so I lightened things up. I updated the links page, adding a new comic to me reading list: Ever Blue. And there is a new blog on the Ashes page with another panel preview and a look at how Rava’s character has evolved over the years.
Even though the poll only got a handful of votes, I can see that it’s split pretty evenly between ‘update now’ and ‘don’t update ’til you have a big buffer.’ Also, friends and relatives are starting to poke me about getting this thing up so they can read it. So I’ve decided on a bit of a compromise for Ashes. I am going to aim to start updates sometime in September or October. That’s in the near future, but gives me a few more weeks to do some additional pages. I was originally going to wait until I had 3 chapters finished, but am finding that I have difficulty working when I’m not getting any feedback and don’t have update deadlines. So I have 1 chapter finished and the second barely started, but I will be updating only once a week, which I think I can keep up with. My buffer is about half a year long so I’m hopeful that by the time it runs out, my health will have improved even more and I’ll be producing comics faster. If my health gets shaky between now and autumn, I may postpone the start date, but so far, so good. 5 months without a crippling headache, which is the longest I’ve gone these past 2 years. So I hope that surgery really helped. Recovery is very very slow, but it is recovery. And I’m very eager to be sharing the Ashes redux, which is 100 times better than the awful original. So keep an eye out! I will try to announce a more definite start date in a week or two. In the meantime, enjoy the random artwork I’ve been posting in the ‘latest artwork’ gallery.

Comedic observation of the week: I am currently on 4 medications. They are called Florinef, Abilify, Remeron, and Tramadol. In order to easily identify my pills, I write the first letter of each pill on the cap. When the bottles are lined up, they spell FART.