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I admit I was rather surprised to see Fawna’s Quest win the ‘Which comic do you want to return first?’ poll; and by such a large margin, even. I expected Dark Wings to win because it’s full colour and has more pagviews and readers. However, I am pleased with this outcome because I like doing Ashes (Fawna’s Quest) more. It’s more original and actually a lot easier for me to draw since it’s both greyscale and done traditionally instead of digitally like all my other comics. And call me old school, but I like the feel of pencil on paper much more than stylus on tablet. So I’m even more eager than ever to share the redux with you all. BUT I only have 1 chapter (16 pages) finished. So I’m kinda curious, which would you guys rather? That I update very soon, but only once a week for 18 weeks, then it’s ‘whenever I finish the next page,’ which would give it a sporadic and infrequent schedule of a page maybe once a week or once every few weeks. Or would you prefer to continue biding your time until I have a bigger buffer and then get one page a week regularly for a longer span of time? Even if one option wins, I may still opt for the other, but I will be influenced some by the outcome.

I have also decided not to post the prose version online just yet because A) I am an inexperienced writer and don’t feel comfortable sharing sub-par writing and B) I am an infrequent writer and wouldn’t be able to keep the prose current with the comic. I might post it later on down the road, but for now you’ll have to be happy with just the comic. Which, admittedly, omits a lot of the details, sub-plots, and character development that’s in the novel, but it still holds together on its own.

So go vote on the right or leave a comment here with your update schedule opinion!