Mood: Tired but happy
Gaming: Rune Factory 2
Watching: The Princess and the Frog

You may have noticed that there is now a ‘Latest Artwork’ thumbnail above the comic links to the left. I thought it would be nice to be able to navigate through the artwork like a comic instead of going to DevianART or trying to search through the post archives for past pieces. This way the blog doesn’t get cluttered with art.

As for comics…. They’re pretty much all on hold right now. I’m working instead on commissions and sculptures to sell on Etsy. I ought to be able to open up a store in a couple weeks if all goes smoothly. I do have Chapter 1 of FQ nearly done. Eryl is being rescripted inbetween other things, and I’ve got a backlog of ideas for Epic Fail and Easily Amused. You may have noticed the new poll off to the side. Unfortunately, it will have no bearing on what updates first. I’m just interested in seeing where peoples interests lie. I may be slightly persuaded to work on the most anticipated comic, but can’t promise that I will. It depends on where my inspiration strikes.