Mood: Frustrated
Listening to: Train
Gaming: Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

EDIT 7-2-10: We managed to get my mac to turn back on. We changed a few settings and it seems to be okay now. It’s been over two days since it put itself to sleep. I’m hoping that the problem is fixed. I’m giving it a little more time and if it continues to behave, we’re investing in a new battery and upgrading the memory. This computer has to last me a few more years, so hopefully upgrades will make it run well a while longer. I’m waiting until mac comes out with a touch-screen laptop for digital artists such as myself (no WAY I’m paying 1-2K for a cintiq! That’s how much my whole mac cost DX).

I am currently experiencing some technical difficulties. My mac powerbook kept putting itself to sleep every few minutes/ seconds after it got hot- usually after 10-40 minutes of use. I thought it was just because the battery was going and not holding a charge. But I took the battery out and ran it on AC power and it still kept doing it. Now it’s asleep and won’t wake up again. I’m calling apple tomorrow and will likely have to take it in for repairs. I just really really hope it’s not dying. I can’t afford a new computer. 🙁 Until it’s fixed (if it can be fixed, fingers crossed) there won’t be any comics or art. Getting online will be more difficult, so I may be scatty about blogs and answering any messages.

Epic Fail updated a few days ago. Harvest Moon fans- I hope you enjoy it, because it may be the last comic for a while