This is my first attempt at a realistic human(ish) in clay. There are some really glaring mistakes, but for a first try and an experiment, I think he turned out pretty well. It was originally going to be Rava from Fawna’s Quest, but it ended up not really looking like him, and I wasn’t ambitious enough to attempt his bob-cut in clay. So now he’s a miscellaneous Asian elf with a mop-top. Unfortunately, his mouth was squashed (twice) and I had to redo it a few times. I don’t like his new mouth as much as the original one 🙁

As you can see by the paint bottles in the background, he’s quite small; only 3 1/2 inches tall.
Super Sculpey, Black Sculpey, and acrylic paints. Time: ? Probably between 8 and 10 hours
Asian Elf Sculpture © Leah Colagiacomo 2010