For the first time in months, I’ve been able to work on the Fawna’s Quest redux! If there are any of its old readers still around, you’ll see a lot of changes in the story. There will be clearer explanations on the shadows (which have been renamed Ombra) and the daemons. We’ll see more of some characters, as well as characters we never saw before. The plot will be thicker with more twists and turns. All this also means that it’ll be 2-3 times longer, but I’m feeling good about it and looking forward to drawing and scripting it. I feel like I’ve finally created something worth reading, and I hope that once it’s finished, I can try publishing it! I’m also attempting to write a prose novel of the story concurrently. Each prose chapter will update after its corresponding comic chapter finishes. That’s if I’m able to keep it up. I’m a slow writer and a horrid perfectionist- but I’ll try! I’m posting some panel previews of the redux. Most of these are on the FQ site section, but I don’t think many people venture in there, so I’m posting them here, too.

Also, EA will start updating sporadically after this Wednesday, as I’m concentrating so much on FQ that I had no leftover time for it.

Epic Fail! updated sometime last week.

Excerpt from the Fawna’s Quest novel:

It looked like a shooting star, only it sped along its path below the cover of clouds. It lit up the night with its brilliance, turning the grey wintry landscape into a shining silver. Sparkling motes of light trailed behind it, glittering like miniature constellations before slowly fading away. Teze stared transfixed at it’s beauty, and it seemed to him that in that moment, not only he, but the entire world held it’s breath as the thing that would change its fate arched across the sky.