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I had this whole huge big long rant I was going to give about making this sculpture, and now I’ve completely forgotten it.

Grrr, the right foreleg got bent in the oven and it BOTHERS me to no end. I plan on selling this once I- A: Paint it, and B: find out how to ship these things without them breaking. But I think the bent leg drops it’s value by… a lot. I would have sold it at $100, but I’m probably going to price it at $75 or less. 😛 That’s not even minimum wage…

As far as shipping goes, I assume that my one sculpture sale, Hoofed Dragon, made it all the way to England okay because I never heard from my customer after the payment went through. I’m certain that if it arrived broken, I would have been informed right away. But Hoofed Dragon was much less fragile. Any sculptors out there have advice on packaging thin and fragile clay pieces?


He comes to life!

Edit- I added a progression series on making Fenrir. Also, I highly recommend books by Katherine Dewey for other aspiring sculptors. I use very similar methods as the ones she outlines in her books, seeing as I learned to sculpt by reading her animal book. 😀 She is, of course, also much better than I and far far more experienced.

Phew, I’m trying to get ready to open up shop on Etsy, and there’s so much to do! I’m listing it here so I don’t forget any of it.

  • Scan and crop old photographs of flowers and butterflies (also touch up a few in Photoshop :P)
  • Make 5×7 prints of said photographs
  • Cut lots and lots of mattes, then use them for framing watercolours and photo prints
  • Finish painting and sealing Fenrir
  • take better photos of older sculptures
  • Find out how to package sculptures so they don’t break in the mail
  • Research prices and sizes of flat-rate shipping boxes and envelopes
  • Get an Etsy account

There’s also something I want to sell on Indyplanet. AND if there are ANY of my original paintings or drawings (that means ones that aren’t fanart) that you would like to buy as a print on Indyplanet, please let me know and I’ll make it happen! Indyplanet has much cheaper print prices than DeviantART.

Fenrir is © Leah Colagiacomo 2010. Do not repost unless a link is provided to this page. I’m getting tired of finding art thieves and people posting my work to galleries/ blogs without giving a link back to me.