Okay, finally I’m getting around to doing the long awaited surgery blog! I bet you’re sitting on the edge of your seat eager to read gruesome medical tales of slicing and dicing spines and the horrors of recovery. Sorry! I’m not spilling any of that. I was going to talk about it, but I really don’t want to. So I’m not. The memories are still too fresh and painful. So instead I’m going to blather on about how all that has happened is going to affect the comics and their eventual return.

Fawna’s Quest: This comic is most definitely going to continue, but I want to wait until I have a sizeable buffer before restarting it. Also a slight bump in its production is that it needs rewriting. I had the first couple chapters scripted, and things were falling apart. The story was becoming so convoluted even I couldn’t follow it. However, shortly afterwards I had a stroke of brilliance (or stupidity) and thought of a much better way of sequencing everything. But at the moment my brains are still too scrambled to do any quality writing (or drawing). One of my medications caused insomnia, and though I am now off that medication, I’m still having trouble sleeping. Not good for having collected thoughts and creative inspiration. BUT if you are patient with me, you will see the return of Fawna’s Quest.

Easily Amused: Well, folks, I’m not as sure about this one. I really enjoyed doing it, but Reby’s graduating this year. I’m still on medical leave, and when I return to school I’ll only be a junior. And Reby will not be there. I may continue the comic solo when I return to school, but I’m uncertain about this. It’s just not the same without Reby. So even though there’s a possibility of its resurrection, for now I’m calling it finished. Later I’ll get some place holder art up there.

Dark Wings: This one’s a little fuzzy at the moment. I’m not sure how much I’m enjoying doing it anymore. I feel that it’s too cliché and inconsistent, not to mention the glaring plot holes. I tried really hard and fell down really hard on this one. However, I also feel that there’s still interest in its continuation. So I’m going to say reeeeeaaaaallly long hiatus for the moment, and see if in the future my inspiration for it returns. I’d like to get Fawna’s Quest mostly done before I start thinking about Eryl again.

Epic Fail!: Of all the comics, this would be the first to return. I have a lot of saved up ideas for it that I really want to draw. I’m not concerned about the art in this one since it’s a silly gaming comic and would never be printed or taken seriously in any way. It would be a good therapy for me to get back into the groove of drawing and comic making. So once I start getting some sleep again and if my headaches don’t return, expect some new entries in the Epic Fail! section.

Tutorials: Oh yeah, there used to be a tutorials section on here, didn’t there? And there’s all those, um, broken links and stuff I’ve been avoiding. It’ll get done, most likely once I feel well enough for comics I’ll feel well enough for better site maintenance.