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‘Potluck supper Sunday at 5:00 pm – prayer and medication to follow.’ -Church bulletin blooper.

Thank God for Chruch ladies with typewriters, eh? But all jokes aside, what I’m about to say is not very funny. My headaches are back again, as always, so I will be flying out to LA again to see my specialist. They will be doing a very invasive procedure and then running some tests. They will then make another stab (ha ha) at healing my spine depending on what they find. It could lead to spinal surgery, which I’m just a might apprehensive about. I could really use some prayer and medication right now. I will be gone for at least 2 weeks, possibly more, especially if there’s surgery. I also ask that you keep my Aunt Beth in your prayers, too. She was recently diagnosed with stage III uterine cancer and is currently undergoing radiation.