I’m only posting these ’cause Dad wants to see them. I’ll will most probably delete this post later.

Today I experimented with taking screenshots of my DS. I wanted to find some kind of cable that could play DS footage on my computer, but found out that such a thing is A: very expensive and B: not available to those outside the gaming industry. The best way I could find was taking pictures with my new camera. Out of about 40-50 pictures and one very blurry video, these two were my only success stories. Most of them were just too blurry or washed out. Does anyone out there have advice on taking good screenshots with a camera? I tried many methods, the best of which I found was to have the lights on in the room, the camera set to ‘macro,’ and to use a tripod and something to prop the DS up on so both DS and camera are level. I tried de-interlacing the second one on photoshop, since you can see the ridges… but I was obviously unsuccessful. 😛 The first was somewhat blurry, but looked a little better after being sharpened. The other 40 or so were blurry beyond being recognisable.

These were both taken in the game Rune Factory 2.

EDIT: Added two more shots that I took this morning of Nintendogs (yeah, I play girly games). This time it took fewer tries to get clearer shots. I only took 10 photos instead of 40+. I’m still not thrilled with the quality; I think it’ll take a lot more playing with. Most of the shots were of my dog’s butt because EVERY time I took a photo he turned away from me. It’s also kinda hard to get a clear picture of something that’s constantly moving. 😛

EDIT #2: I’m probably going to be adding screens throughout the day. The fifth one is from the original Rune Factory game. Not only is is my clearest one yet, but it’s slightly more exciting. Here we have Laguna fighting the second boss, a chimera.