So, usually I only show my successes, but even the best artists have art-fart days. (or weeks, months, years…). I’ve had more than my share of these, the most recent of which being yesterday and today. I was attempting some fanart, and I think it might have been an overly ambitious venture for my state of current health. I should have known after ripping off and reshaping the legs about 3 times… but no, I kept of forging ahead. The result of which was a very pretty but very unstable dragon. Had I properly supported it in the oven, this wouldn’t’ve happened! 10 minutes into baking, he fell over in the oven. This is why when you have a standing sculpture, you should support it with upturned glasses, not foil. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. After he came out all dented and drooping with a twisted leg, I managed to repair it a little by breaking off the twisted foot and re-moulding it and patching over the dents with fresh clay, then putting it back in the oven for 10 minutes. He’s too droopy really for it to be worth painting, so I’m sharing it with you as-is. Why? ‘Cause I spent so many $#@&! hours on it that I don’t care it if turned into a lump, I’m posting it, danget!! *fume fume fume*